The Story of Used Oil Management in the USA

The Used Oil Management Association of the USA was founded in 1982 and represents the manufacturers of 90 percent of all the used oil-fired heaters produced in North America. UOMA was founded in response to the Used Oil Recycling Act passed by Congress in 1980 and the EPA’s supporting regulations which encourage the recycling of used oil on-site for energy recovery.

This on-site energy recovery means millions of dollars in energy savings for businesses and the economy, and a cleaner environment.

hands holding used oil filter

UOMA advocates for the safe and efficient on-site recycling of used oil by educating the public about used-oil recycling, supporting the development of new technologies and advancements within the used-oil and recycling industry, and working with members and local partners to meet economic, environmental, and social goals around used-oil recycling and burning.

UOMA Safety Standards for
Modern Waste Oil Heaters

Safety listings and industry standards ensure the protection of lives, property, and the environment. UOMA is driven by safety and efficiency. UOMA members have their heater and boiler units tested for safety by independent laboratories such as Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Every used-oil heater and boiler produced by a UOMA member comes with a safety rating.
Automatic fuel cutoffs and other safety features, in combination with servicing and operational guidelines, ensure that current and future generations of used-oil heaters and boilers are safe, clean, and effective.

UOMA Advancements in Waste Oil Heating Technology

Waste oil heaters have come a long way from their humble beginnings of DIY drip fires and fuel-soaked rags thanks in part to UOMA’s commitment to educate and engage more communities and businesses, and advancements in technology. Today’s waste oil heaters are:
  • More efficient
  • More dependable
  • More economical
  • Safer
  • Easier to service
All UOMA-member units employ atomizing technology. Not only are modern waste oil heaters up to the task of burning waste oil efficiently, they can also generate a substantial return-on-investment because used oil-fired heaters can safely burn #2 oil, used crankcase oil, automatic transmission fluid and hydraulic oil.
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