The Used Oil Management Association supports the development of cutting-edge, accessible solutions to help businesses and individuals capture the value of used oil

UOMA supports members in the development of tech-forward waste oil heaters, boilers, and other waste oil recycling solutions. The organization also provides impartial resources and information, making it easier for everyone to capture the value of used oil on site.
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Benefits to Burning Used Oil

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Burning used oil saves businesses money and facilitates used oil recycling

The key to reducing the improper dumping of used oil is to secure the value of the resource at the site where it is generated. The easiest way to accomplish this is by burning used oil in a special heater or boiler.

Improvements in the design and construction of used-oil heaters and boilers in the last decade have improved efficiency and reduced emissions. UOMA and its members are committed to ensuring that these are sound investments for businesses and the environment.
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A used oil heater can typically pay for itself in two years

Millions of gallons of used oil are improperly dumped every year. The advantages of burning used or waste oil are numerous and help both business owners and the environment.

In addition to saving on energy costs, whether it is gas or electric, used-oil recycling eliminates costs for hauling and cradle-to-grave liability for the safe disposal of used oil that all generators share.
Key Benefits to Burning Waste Oil

Reduces heating costs

Protects the environment

Conserves energy

Prevents water pollution

Eliminates Cradle-to-Grave liability

U.S. EPA-approved method of recycling

Advantages of Burning Waste Oil


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Cradle-to-Grave Liability

Cradle-to-Grave Liability for Used Oil Disposal

The liability for the proper disposal of used oil extends from the moment the oil drains into a pan until it’s processed or burned. This includes any accidental spills or intentional dumping by a used oil hauler. Businesses that generate used oil and currently pay to have it hauled away can end that liability with a waste oil heater.

In the US, the EPA now exempts a generator of waste oil from that liability when the used oil is recycled on-site for energy recovery. Using waste oil heaters, therefore, can eliminate superfund liability and uninsured expenses too.


Used-Oil Recycling Success

For used-oil recycling, the success is in the numbers

UOMA’s goal is to continue to drive advancements in used-oil heating technology and advocate for the on-site recycling of waste oil to increase used-oil heating adoption, prevent ground and water pollution, and give profits back to businesses by helping them save money on energy costs.

Two gallons of waste oil =
24 hours of energy

for the average household

years of advocacy for on-site recycling of used oil

BTU of energy in one gallon of used oil processed for fuel

gallons of used oil burned in the USA in 2020

percentage of used oil heaters and boilers in USA produced by UOMA members

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Where Advanced Technology Meets Waste Oil

Where Advanced Technology Meets Waste Oil

One of UOMA’s goals is to support the advancement of technology used to recycle and reuse waste oil. Most of UOMA’s members have developed or implemented waste-oil heater and boiler technology specifically.

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